LC 2-3-4-5-6000 – Solid wood ripping machines

These machines have been specially manufactured for the rip cutting of any type of timber where optimisation is a primary factor and they are used in the production of stairs, doors, windows, furniture and coffins. There are several cutting lenghts available, from 2 to 6 meters.

The most efficient use of the material to be cut is accomplished with two devices: the laser light, which indicates the path of the blade on the material to be cut and the reference guide behind the cutting line, which can be rapidly repositioned to take account of defects in the wood and the required widths of the pieces being cut.

On request, the machine is available with electronically controlled reference guides and with the option to save the various work dimensions, for retrieval if required, with a conveyor belt for the recovery of sawn pieces from the back of the machine and with rollers for using the machine in crosscutting function.

Products and Applications