Technology and Innovation

Service and software

MZ PROJECT provides a full and professional after-sales service providing support and maintenance wherever it is needed. The warehouse is well stocked with spare parts and our authorised dealers send out specialist technicians to every installation in the world, reducing machine downtime to the minimum.

Use of the most advanced technological and IT tools guarantee a high standard of service; telephone support and helpdesk ensure speed and efficiency at all times. The customer service offered by MZ PROJECT also includes training; training activities for technicians who work on the machines every day are organised either at our premises or at the customer’s.


You just have to provide a “DXF” drawing of the piece to be produced, Imago will do the rest.
From the DXF drawing, Imago will just take the essential factors for the NC.
The control of the shapes and the aimed allocation of the technology do not allow to make mistakes.
Everything is visually under control in an environment of machining simulation that shows the overall dimensions of the machine table and the dynamic removal of the wastes.
How much material do we have available?
How many pieces do we need to produce?
These are the only two questions you need to ask and reply yourself.
Imago optimizes time and material through dedicated algorithms of speed calculation and nesting.